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About Us 關於我們

Since establishment in 1993, Kingsmark has been an agency selling and designing display solutions in Hong Kong and major cities in China. At the same time, we provide engineering installation services and after-sales services for trusted professional brands such as Grandview-Projection Screen, ELMO-Visualizer, Toshiba, SONY, Mitsubishi, Hitec, etc.

自 1993 年成立以來,Kingsmark一直是在香港和中國主要城市銷售和設計顯示設備解決方案的代理機構。同時為Grandview-投影幕、ELMO-實物投影機、Toshiba、SONY、Mitsubishi、Hitec、等值得信賴的專業品牌提供工程安裝服務和售後服務。

Our Work 我們的工作

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