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送貨 Delivery

送貨地點须知 :

  • 所有價格均包含香港地區快遞運費,(澳門運費不同,詳情請聯繫我們),未能提供送貨服務地區包括: 禁區、大嶼山(石門甲道迴旋處以南)、南丫島、長洲、坪洲、離島地區、灣仔會展中心內、機場會展中心內、貨櫃碼頭內、船屋/船、5.5公噸或以上貨車不能進入的路段, 若送貨地點沒有升降機及卸貨點, 不上樓只會地面交收 (人手樓梯搬運另議價), 送貨時段(上午 9 點至中午 12 點,下午 2 點至 6 點), 標準送貨不包括指定時間精準送貨.

Delivery Location Instructions

  • All prices are include express freight to Hong Kong, (the freight fee to Macau is different, please contact us for details), areas where delivery services cannot be provided include: restricted area, Lantau Island (south of Shek Mun Kak Road Roundabout), Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, Peng Chau, Outlying islands, Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Center, Airport Convention and Exhibition Center, container terminals, houseboats/ships, road sections of 5.5 tons or more trucks cannot enter, if the delivery location does not have elevator    and unloading points, delivery team will not go up by stair and delivery to ground floor only, (Go up the start by foot will need to negotiable with on-sit team), delivery time period (9:00 am to 12:00 noon, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm), standard delivery does not include precise delivery at specified time.

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